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FleetLink DLNA adapter VDA-FL151 Blu-ray processor for powerful playback HDMI for up to 1080P video 150Mbps WiFi for seamless streaming DLNA technology for simple sharing WiFi AP and client modes support Inquire Learn More


3G WiFi DLNA router VWG152M Built-in 3G module Qualcomm platform Supports SIM card range of UMTS band class I/II/V Supports GSM/EDGE, GSM850, GSM900, DCS, PCS 1500mAh battery for long time internet surfing and sharing WiFi AP router with DLNA support Inquire Learn More

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DLNA Application DLNA - Network sharing and streaming HD DLNA Adapters DLNA routers Wireless DLNA DLNA HDMI donges Inquire Learn More


Wireless 3G DLNA Router VWG153R USB 3G router with DLNA support WiFi 150Mbps wireless AP router Wireless NAS support Power bank charger function Wireless DLNA server function Inquire Learn More

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Visonicom FleetLink VDA-FL151 is a breakthrough wireless HD DLNA adapter to convert your non-DLNA TV into a full DLNA-certified TV wirelessly. With this wireless DLNA dongle, you can now share and wireless streaming media files without tethering your smart phone to the TV with an HDMI cable anymore.

The HD WiFi DLNA dongle is armed with DLNA & WiFi technology, when it is plugged into your TV set with simple setup, the HDTV becomes a smart TV immediately. You can wirelessly render (play to share) the media files stored in your smart devices (such as Android smart phones, Android PADs/tablet PCs, IPhone, IPad or PC) to the TV through wirelessly.

With this DLNA device, your TV set can be wirelessly and smartly connected to your home internet network. You are able to enjoy the media files from internet directly to the big screen of your TV by just finger tapping on your smart devices.

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